Our Vision

HarCo MFT seeks to serve couples, individuals, and families within the community.

Our expertise spans: couples therapy, sex therapy, trauma and anxiety, family therapy, mindfulness-based practices, pre-marital, stress and coping, resiliency, life transitions and adjustment, divorce and co-parenting, and more. 

We provide trusted therapists that are uniquely selected for each client. No two clients are the same, that’s why we make sure the therapist-client fit is just right.

HarCo MFT + Wellness Center also seeks to provide resources and information through community presentations, podcasts, and blogging. Check out our Community Engagement page to learn more about upcoming workshops and opportunities to get connected.

Our Story

Dr. Kendra O'Hora - HarCo MFT

In September of 2016 I had a crazy thought. After working at universities and group practices in three different states I wondered if I could take my therapeutic expertise, teaching, supervision, and writing to a new level.

Could I create a modern, comfortable private practice where therapists thrived on collaboration, new ideas, and self-care?

Most young therapists are eager to serve yet they have the foundation that the world of mental health is a helping profession replete of financial stability and balance. But I had a different goal for Harford County. I wanted the therapy resources provided at my private practice to breathe life into clients, to stem from a place of therapeutic health, and to symbolize balance, empowerment, and success. So I took a leap. In January of 2017, after months of renovations (thanks to my hubby!), I opened doors. At the end of one month I had an entire caseload of eager clients and the beginnings of a thriving business. Within that year I saw clients on a weekly basis, finished my dissertation, hosted a twelve week relationship enhancement support group, provided a marriage conference in Northern Ireland, joined the Board of Directors for Motivo and hosted a business therapy retreat to review and refresh for the new year. And, 2018 is just that — an exciting launch of even more! HarCo MFT offered three Couples Date Nights through Mountain Christian Church, a six-week webinar for therapists looking to launch their own private practice, podcasts on depression and anxiety, and a weekly blog series titled In That Chair, a creative writing project documenting the highs, lows, and everything in between.

HarCo MFT + Wellness Center is the perfect example of a dream brought to reality.

Whether you are a client in need, a professional in the community, or just a happy supporter following along, we are thankful for your partnership with us - together we are creating a genuine, attuned and connected community, thank you!

- Dr. Kendra O'Hora, co-founder

Meredith Mertens - HarCo MFT

Supporting clients and therapists is what matters most to me, this dream began eight years ago!... My first job out of graduate school was as a Home-based therapist for a Community Mental Health Clinic. I found myself overwhelmed and underprepared for this challenge as there was little to no guidance or support for how to best clinically serve those I was working with.

I eventually transitioned into therapeutic work at a clinic-based environment; here it occurred to me the level of support necessary to make a successful therapist was not being valued. Even as I transitioned into a group private practice, it seemed to me that we were missing the mark as far as keeping clinicians energized, prepared, and excited to do this amazing type of work. I felt convinced that I could better serve my clients and my community, with some small shifts in operations.

When Kendra and I decided to branch out into our own businesses, we created a beautiful space and quickly found solace in the comforts of conversation and collaboration, balanced work schedules, and enthusiasm for the work we do. From here, it only made sense to join forces and empower other therapists to stay motivated and excited while providing high quality therapy services. Together, at HarCo MFT & Wellness Center we have established a place where clients and therapists alike can benefit. We believe in giving our all to our community, and making the world around us more compassionate, and insightful. We are both so excited to share this vision with you!

- Meredith Mertens Hegedus, co-founder