Meet our new hire - Erin Newton, LCPC!

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Where I’m from, there aren’t sidewalks.

Or bus stops.

Or public transportation of any kind.

No matter how little money you have, everyone has a car. There was simply no other way to get anywhere without one. My high school had a “tractor day” because that many kids had their own tractors to drive to school. There was literally very little to do “in town” after 9:00 pm (and “town”, by the way, was Bel Air. It might as well have been Baltimore city for us country kids).

I grew up sheltered, going to school with kids just like me, who looked like me, who came from similar backgrounds as I did, who had never gone trick-or-treating door to door, instead having our parents drive us house to house.

For the past four years I have left that sheltered, country neighborhood behind and have been providing treatment to families who are nothing like mine. I have worked with children and families who were hesitant of therapy, distrustful of therapists, and skeptical of the importance of mental health. I have worked with families so poor that it was hard for me to imagine their lives. I have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals, helped people move from not being able to leave their houses to working regular jobs; helped teenagers move from not being able to discuss their trauma to being able to return to the scene of it with little reaction. I am proud of the work I have done, humble for the mistakes that I have made, and eager to continue my work as a new therapist with Harco MFT & Wellness Center.

I have learned so much in my last five years as a therapist. During this time I have treated adults, teenagers, children, and their families.

I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma, and OCD.

I am thrilled to be back to my old stomping grounds, back to HarCo where I have lived my whole life.

I love music, am a late blooming five-time half-marathoner, have been married almost 13 years to a guy I met in 6th grade, and have three beautiful daughters (#girlmom #somuchglitter). I am a passionate birth and breastfeeding advocate and I hope to one day take training to become a doula when my kids are older. I am type A to the max and I hold off on making lists...because I love making them so much that I want to savor them. I’m also a bit of an anxiety ball and have my own struggles with anxiety and OCD-like behavior. You will find blog posts from me on anxiety, OCD, how to be your best self, and birth trauma.

I look forward to meeting and working with you, Harford County.