What can lower depression, increase life satisfaction, and increase our positive emotion?

You do it.

I do it.

We all ...reminisce.

In fact, some research suggests we reminisce in 20% of all social interactions (Pasupathi & Carstensen, 2003).

Why does reminiscence matter? Because reflecting on the past has been linked to a lot of positive results -- lower levels of depression, increased life satisfaction, increased emotional well-being, increased positive emotion, increased self-esteem, bringing people together, encouraging story-telling and legacy building, and promotes people to find and make meaning of their life.*

So here's your Quick Tip: Reminisce more. Reflect on yesterday, last week, or five years ago. Share your stories, remember the good times, and think about how far you have come.

Whether you do it individually or with others it's worth it! 

-Dr. K