Hand In Hand

Today I want to share a simple, practical grounding strategy with you. I stumbled upon a technique called “hand in hand meditation” in my Trauma Training with Lisa Ferentz a few years back. Ever since I learned this simple meditation, I have taught it to most of my clients and regularly practice it myself. This exercise can provide just enough space to slow down, reorient, and calm your physiology in times of distress.

I’ve listed the steps below. Give it a try and see what you notice before, during and after the exercise!

  1. Find a comfortable, seated position with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your eyes closed.

  2. Open your left hand and face it palm up on your lap.

  3. Open your right hand and face it palm up on your left hand.

  4. Inhale slowly for 5 seconds, Exhale fully and completely for 6 seconds.

  5. Repeat step above 5 times.

  6. Now bring your awareness to the sensations in your hands--- Is one hand warmer or cooler? Is one hand heavier or light? Do you notice any similarities between your two hands? How about any differences in sensations?

  7. Allow yourself several minutes to just focus on the sensations in your hands, and to breathe deeply and consciously.

  8. When you feel ready, go ahead and open and close your hands, wiggle your toes, and gently open your eyes to rejoin the space.

Kendra O'Hora