Does Your Marriage Need To Get UNSTUCK?

Does Your Marriage Need To Get UNSTUCK?

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Do you ever feel like your relationship is stuck? Running on autopilot? Or completely thrown off course?

I get it, I really do. I want you to know that if you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re normal. Your relationship is totally, 100%, normal.

We all get stuck. We all let our relationships run on cruise control without the proper love and attention they need. And, we all let our partnerships run off course. All of us, even therapists

Once we can own that it’s normal to have a bond be stuck, then we can dig in to what it takes to be UNSTUCK.

At first, this pop culture term was unfamiliar to me. But, I kept hearing clients say over and over “I just want to be unstuck!” So, I started asking myself, what does it mean to be unstuck?

That’s why couples come to me, right?

Getting unstuck means that you are “freed or loosened from being fastened or stuck.”

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Ah, makes perfect sense.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our relationships were freed from the weight that pulls us down - our resentments, our fatigue, our hurts, our confusion? If they were loosened from the patterns that have deeply held us back - patterns of complacency or a lack of knowledge or interest in growing?

What if there was actually a way for us to be unstuck?

I think there is!

And, I think there’s a really good recipe for how to get unstuck and it only involves three ingredients.

Interested? Keep reading! But first, let’s back up for just a second.

If you’ve been following along on our journey you know that we recently published Healing the Hurt, a guide for recovering from infidelity or betrayal. One thing that I deeply value is communicating through writing. That’s why every e-book and every e-course comes with a love letter, from me!

Because ultimately, I need you to know that I get it and I need you to know that there’s hope. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m writing to you. To help you channel the hope that exists within to recognize your relationship can become UNSTUCK.

So, I decided to do something a little different … I decided to release my UNSTUCK love letter to all couples. Rather than wait and buy the e-book, see what I have to say today!

So, as you read these short, gentle, loving words - think about whether your relationship needs a reset to become unstuck. Don’t be embarrassed, angry, or overwhelmed. I’ve got you, we’re in this together.

From me, to you:

Hi there, can we get real, real fast. We all need a reset sometimes. Everyone. Every marriage. Our bonds grow distant. Our conversations end short. Our irritability increases. Our connectivity feels stagnant. This is 100% normal. Healthy, strong marriages don't happen by accident. In fact, all relationships require a lot of work. With the busyness of a career, family, friendship, and everything in between our marriages can get pushed to the back burner. That person we joyfully vowed ourselves to often becomes our comfort zone and no longer the priority they deserve to be. I'm inviting you to use this workbook as an opportunity to reset. To restore what was broken, rejuvenate your bond with a fresh perspective, and rest in the hidden strengths of your relationship. I'll offer three steps to get unstuck. Within each of these unstuck ingredients you'll have loads of practical tools to strengthen your marriage and walk into the next season with marital hope, commitment, and energy. So, embrace the necessary reset. We've all been there and to be honest, judging this process doesn't make it easier. Instead, lets just get unstuck, shall we?

And, if a heartfelt love letter isn’t your jam - no worries! The UNSTUCK e-book also includes:

-50+ pages of rich content including, how to: assess your bond, grow in your understanding of one another, explore your sexual response cycle, prioritize your time together, connect emotionally, and more!

-PLUS: 35+ pages of workbook material with over 80 reflection questions for you two to process together

Still not sure if UNSTUCK is right for you? Here’s what others have said about UNSTUCK:

“I loved the opportunity to evaluate and talk, very honest about very real issues in our hands.”
“Informative - much to think about and apply to our marriage.”
“Good ideas - fresh approach to old problems.”
“You made tough, potentially awkward topics fun, easy to understand, and peaceful. Excellent!”

OK! I’ve given you the nitty gritty - can I emphasize one last point from the letter?

By the end of UNSTUCK you’ll be able to: “walk into the next season with marital hope, commitment, and energy.” Does that sound like something your marriage would benefit from?

If so, I’m so glad you’re joining me in getting UNSTUCK!

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Not sure if UNSTUCK is for you? That’s OK - we’ve got a lot more!

First, and hot off the press…we offer an Intro to Couples Therapy course incase you’re interested in next steps but don’t know where to begin. This course answers all the questions you might have about the couples therapy process! For example, what do all those initials mean after a therapists name? How do I select a couples therapist? What do you actually DO in couples therapy? Does couples therapy work? How do I get started? AND MORE!

What about couples who have suffered a deep, relational wound?

We see you. That’s why we created an e-guide for couples recovering from infidelity or betrayal. This resource addresses how to heal - how to recognize what you did or work through your pain as the betrayed partner. If you’re angry, hurt, overwhelmed, stuck, or confused after infidelity or another form of betrayal, please oh please purchase our guide! 

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Dr. Kendra A. O’Hora, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist