Does HarCo MFT & Wellness Center work with individuals? 

Although our official title is marriage and family therapy, we work with individuals on a regular basis. In fact, most marriage and family therapists work with individuals, couples, and families. If you are an individual seeking services, please contact us for more information. 

Where does HarCo MFT & Wellness center host workshops or presentations?

We are located in Harford County, Maryland - workshops or presentations we coordinate and host will likely be serving this area or the surrounding areas. However, we have traveled and presented all over the country and are open to traveling wherever to meet your workshop needs.

What are the fees associated with a HarCo MFT workshop?

Although we are happy to (and often do) serve the community - we are also employed to provide for our families and futures. Our pricing varies depending on the length, travel, and topic for the desired workshop. We trust that we can collaborate on pricing, scheduling, and workshop details to meet both of our needs. Head over the contact page to send us an email about pricing and availability.

Previous workshop topics: three components of strong marriages, trauma and body movement, healthy communication and relationships in the workplace, relational patterns of interaction, reminiscence and life review, mild cognitive impairment and future planning, Alzheimer's and family therapy, intergenerational programming, grandparents raising grandchildren, teaching self-care to undergraduates, using experiential exercises in teaching, using Pinterest in education, and more! 

Other Questions

If you have other questions please email us - We are happy to help!