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Couples and Family Therapy

Here’s the short of it, marriage and family therapists help relationships thrive. They want to heal relationship resentments, challenge relationship patterns, and empower relationship health. How? Through an authentic therapeutic relationship and our speciality: a systemic perspective. This means rather than only looking within the individual, we consider many angles (e.g., family, friends, workplace, experiences, etc.) and how these dynamics interact. We explored these areas with other people present or through conversations with the individual. And, we use these people and resources as avenues of strength, helping the client cope and explore new perspectives. For a specific definition of marriage and family therapy you can review our organizations website.

Individual Therapy

Working therapeutically with individuals is at the core of HarCo MFT + Wellness Center's vision for strong, healthy relationships. At times, our clients need more individualized care to address concerns such as anxiety, depression, grief, transitions, or personal traumas. Individual therapy provides a safe and confidential space to share your story and benefit from a compassionate witness. Topics often integrated into individual work include healthy coping mechanisms, emotional regulation skills, self-esteem work, boundary and limit setting, and communication skills. A multitude of therapeutic theories and modalities are incorporated into individual therapy depending on the unique needs and goals of each client.

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