Tutoring and Organizational Support

Is your child or teen struggling with completing homework, learning new concepts, or getting organized? Do they lack motivation or structure with their responsibilities? Are their grades dropping and you’re feeling stuck or helpless? Let us help!

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Hi, I’m Karley!

I’m a tutor and organizational expert - I have my masters in curriculum and development!


My passion is mentoring children and teens who need structure and educational support. I prioritize and emphasize organization, time management, and study skills. I help students to master their curriculum and address important life skills both in the home and at school. My background is in elementary education - I received my undergraduate and masters degree from Virginia Tech and have taught 1st and 4th grade in Arlington, Virginia and Baltimore County, Maryland. I have a strong knowledge of curriculum and provide resources to help supplement what students are learning in school. I also have experience modifying materials to work with IEPs and students with disabilities.

I have a big family and two puppies - they need structure and support, too! As a teacher and organizational expert, it’s my job to help your child or teen feel comfortable, safe, supported, and hopeful. I empower children and teens to take ownership or their roles and responsibilities. Some people have organizational and efficiency skills wired into their bones - that’s me and that’s why I’m here to help!

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Tutoring Services

Our tutoring services provide your child with the structure and support needed to excel educationally. Is your child struggling to understand math or reading concepts in class? Do they need additional support with homework or school projects? Is your child falling behind or struggling behaviorally? Karley will help your child to:

  • understand difficult course concepts,

  • complete homework assignments and school projects,

  • practice foundational skills for future educational development,

  • complete school based assignments with efficiency-mindedness,

  • reflect and process their growth areas and successes

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Organizational Support

Our organizational support services provide your child with the help they need to accomplish tasks in healthy and efficient ways. Does your child struggle to complete their homework before soccer practice? Or, do they forget to pack important items for school the next day? Are cleanliness and efficiency challenges in the home? Karley will help your child to:

  • prioritize tasks and needs, including action plans and accountability,

  • navigate internal and external expectations,

  • compartmentalize and label for cleanliness and structure,

  • complete tasks with efficiency-mindedness,

  • reflect and process their growth areas and successes

Provide your child the support they need.

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